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The Paris Market – Savannah, GA

One of my favorite places to stop when I am heading to Florida is Savannah, Georgia.  It’s a perfect stop for so many reasons. Sometimes I just stop for lunch or go to a few of my favorite shops to pick up a few of my favorite things.

I Love the Entrance to The Paris Market

One of my favorite places to stop in is The Paris Market!

Many items are from Paris, France and others are from local artists.  

They have a lovely bakery where you can get a cappuccino or French Roasted press coffee and freshly baked macaroons.

If you’d like a great lunch, grab one of their baguettes lined with butter and filled with black forest ham, brie and green apple.

Perfect combination and simple, but more so…simply delicious.  I actually have them cut my baguette in thirds so that when driving south or north on my way home, I can eat it when I make gas pit stops!

The Paris Market has two floors, so be sure to go downstairs which is where they have many of their goods for your home. It’s like walking into a shop in Paris.  

I love the variety they have, from things for your dinner table to your cocktail bar to jewelry, art for your walls or candles to light to create ambiance in your home.

They have many choices for you to stock your bar with glasses from Paris to Shakers and leather coasters.

On my last stop, I picked up some leather coasters and an espresso cup!  

Yes, this time I had to get both with ‘The Paris Shop Market’ logo so that I can always get that same feeling I have of pure happiness when in Savannah.

When you go to The Paris Market say hello to Madeline; she is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable.

Madeline in her black and white polka dot dress. They sell fresh lavender, sold in both large and small bags. Great for in a clothes drawer, or for me I like to put it under my pillow.  BTW: Lavender is helpful for a peaceful night of sleep.  There is so much to say about The Paris Market; just put it on your bucket list, and if traveling south it’s worth jumping off I-95 for the 15 minute drive into downtown Savannah, even if just to grab a baguette.


  • Hi I know Savannah Georgia I used to past by there alot as I used to live in Georgia, It is a wonderful place. Next time I there I really need to take the time to stop and look around instead of just driving though and never stopping.

  • I love this city. Your photos made me want to hop on a plane and return to visit this shop. They are beautiful. I will enjoy following your travels.

    • It’s worth the trip for sure! There is so much to see between Charleston to Savannah, it’s a week full of history, delicious food and of course, there is shopping!

  • I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah! This post just makes me want to go even more 🙂 When I do finally make it there, I will definitely need to check out The Paris Market – it sounds like it is right up my alley!!

    • Yes the Paris Market is a place to go to, and Madeline one of the managers is helpful to direct you to other places in the city. I suggest staying in that area so that you can walk to all the wonderful shops and restaurants. I will be posting more from my trips there, but in the meantime remember The Pink House, it’s another must visit also.

  • You had me at baguette and brie. That’s my kind of store! I love Savannah, and hope to move somewhere close when I retire.

    • Me too, now I want one of there baguettes! Their baguettes are made and baked at another bakery not far from The Paris Market called Le Café Gourmet. The owners of that cafe are Alexandre, and Angela both from France.

  • Oh my! I’m in love. This just took me back to Paris. I didn’t know this was in Savannah. I am making sure when I plan a visit this is on my must-do list. Thank you for sharing!

    • Don’t you love places in the US that bring you back to places you love elsewhere in the world? Let me know what you think when you do go.

  • My husband and I are planning a visit to Savannah and we are putting this on our “must visit” list! Love the look and feel of the store.

    • Hopefully, before you go I will post other must go to places in Savannah. In the meantime, put The Pink House on your list for a nice meal, if weather permits sit outside.

  • I love Savannah so much! It’s on my bucket list to go back there. We were there when the kids were super little, so we didn’t do a lot of the tours or anything that I would like to go back and do now.

  • What a charming shop! But I would expect that in beautiful and very southern Savannah. We just might have to make that detour next time my husband and I drive up to North Carolina to visit our son and daughter in law.

    • Definitely a great pit stop. I am in NC and there is so much to see and do here. Let me know if I can help you here too!

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