Ess-a-Bagel NYC Delicatessen

A great place in NYC for breakfast or lunch

There are so many great deli’s in NYC, but if you are in mid-town, you want to be sure to get over to Ess-a-Bagel. It’s between 50th and 51st street on the east side of the street of 3rd Ave.

Yes, the line may be long, but it’s surely worth the wait!

 It looks like a NYC deli and seating is limited, so if you want to, grab it to go; then go sit on one of the many stairs at surrounding churches or walk to your hotel  lobby or grab a bench at Central Park, if it’s warm enough to enjoy your NYC deli food.

They have bagels, lox, herring, whitefish and baked goods and desserts and so much more!


The deli has lots of salads such as Curry Chicken Salad, Spanish Eggplant Salad, Whitefish Salad, Egg Salad, Potato pancakes, as well as over 7 seafood/fish salads, including Salmon, Whitefish, Crab Salad, Shrimp or Smoked Shrimp, and Tuna Salads.

Their deli meats include Pastrami, Corned Beef, Liverwurst, and traditional cold cuts.

They cut the pickled herring and lox right in front of you, and they will ask you if you want onions (red) sliced thin and cream on top, say YES to both!  Absolutely the best!


I didn’t get any at first, but after trying my sister’s, I had to get some to go!

I ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese and scallions mixed in and topped with lox, capers and thinly sliced red onions. 

The lox just melted in my mouth because it was sliced thin and just was perfectly done. It was cut in half and easy to eat as a sandwich and they added all the spices on the bottom of the bagel not the top, and they were perfect NY bagel!

They have over 16 cream cheese mixtures already made fresh for you. They even have Oreo and Pumpkin (only served seasonally) Cream Cheese!  Try something different when you go in…or not!

There are two lines, so if you are just getting bagels to go, then go in the door where there is no line and go to the back where it says Bagels and you will see a short line for bagels to go.  I think they also will let you order cream cheese to go with your bagels in that line too.

I was so glad that our concierge told us to go to this place!  Thank you Alex!

What is your favorite deli in the USA to go grab a bagel or great deli sandwich?  Please share with us!


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