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Coffee – Beans from a Tree

Coffee, Cappuccino, Cold Brew, Espresso, Americano, Demitasse, Latte!

Call it what you’d like and drink what you desire.  Ahh, the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee, like a bouquet of flowers to my senses.

Photo above: Mocha Cappuccino at Cocoa Cinnamon at their Lakewood location in Durham, NC

Photo above: One of my favorite mugs to drink from…but then again I have several favorite mugs, cups and glasses, I love them all!  All different textures, colors, shapes and sizes!

I personally have one to two cappuccinos each morning if I am at home. I will froth some Nestle Coffee-Mate Sweet Italian Cream in my Nespresso coffee machine and top off my cup. Sometimes I’ll make a pot of coffee so that I can make iced coffee after it cools off and have a cup or two when it is freshly brewed.

This Nespresso machine is a little different than mine, but I like this one because it is a little more compact and uses their newest pods and coffee’s!  They are popping up with boutiques around the country that you can get your pods on the spot or ship to yourself, most of the time it’s FREE shipping and they have specials all the time!  To me Nespresso has great flavor coffees and very true to having it made from a pot on your stove!

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Photo above: Iced Coffee at Carolina Coffee Shop in Chapel Hill, NC on Franklin Street by UNC campus

I thought… if I drink this every day, maybe I should learn more about the history of this bean that I am in love with!

So here we go.

Have you ever heard the saying, money doesn’t grow on trees? Well in this case, coffee beans do!  And it can cost you lots of money to get your favorite cup of coffee, but to me, it is worth it!

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According to the National Coffee Association, the legend about the discovery of coffee is that Kaldi, a goat herder, discovered these magical beans. As Kaldi watched his goats eat the berries from certain trees, he saw the energy they had and how they didn’t want to sleep at night.  He reported his discovery to the local monastery who decided to make a drink with these berries. The monks found the beverage kept them awake, and they were able to pray longer into the night.

From there the Monks shared it with other monasteries to the east, and the bean began to spread to the Arabian peninsula and then all over the world!

Photo above:  Coffee shop in Savannah, GA

The cultivation of the coffee trade began in the Arabian Peninsula. In the 15th century Yemeni, a district of Arabia started to grow the magical bean. Then in the 16th century, it spread to Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Persia. People enjoyed coffee not only in their homes, but also in coffee houses, which is what we call coffee shops, or cafes today.

Photo above:  This is the coffee house at the Unscripted Boutique Hotel in Durham, NC

Coffee houses became a place to drink coffee,  eat, play chess, socialize with friends and listen to music or watch performers and catch up on the news; they were nicknamed “Schools of the Wise.”  

Photo above:  Moose Cafe in Asheville, NC

People from Europe who traveled to the near east discovered this dark brown beverage and brought it back to Europe, and by the 17th century it became popular. They even started to replace their usual morning beverage of wine and beer and drank coffee instead, which gave them more energy. They even noticed they became more productive at work.

Some who were leary of the dark brown drink called it “the bitter invention of Satan,” which I found interesting. My husband has the same thoughts, especially when we are on a road trip and I have to stop at Starbucks to get a cappuccino, or I can’t leave the house without my cup of coffee! To him, a ‘non coffee drinker,’ it is evil….in a kidding way.

Ok, back to what some Europeans thought of coffee…some had such a strong opinion, and it became so controversial that they condemned it in Venice, Italy in 1615; so they took it to the Pope and asked if he would ban coffee.  When Pope Clement VIII was asked to intervene, he said he’d give his opinion, but he wanted to try it for himself before making a decision. Well, he did and found it to be very satisfying and gave it papal approval! Thank you Pope Clement VIII, Espresso!

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Photo above:  The Paris Market Cafe in Savannah, GA

After that stamp of approval from the Pope, though controversy still was present, it didn’t stop them from opening coffee houses all over Europe: in Austria, France, Holland, Germany, and England!  I love that they called these places “penny universities:” remember the nickname was “school of the wise.” The name is now “penny” because that is how much it cost for a cup of coffee!

Photo above:   The Coffee Fox in Savannah, GA

Today, coffee is a household item. There are even shows about coffee, like Jerry Seinfeld’s “Coffee and Cars,” or in “Elf,” where Will “Buddy” Ferrell takes his date to the ‘World’s Best Cup of Coffee’ shop! And do you remember the drink cart in the show “Parenthood?” Have you ever wondered why they had coffee carts, or why there are coffee machines in your office? Well, it’s because employers noticed that their workers were more productive when having coffee!

Photo above: A Nespresso Cappuccino with Nestle Coffee-Mate Sweet Italian Creme frothed in my milk Nespresso maker and topped with Cinnamon! BTW I received two of these unique cups and saucers from Nespresso as a promotion, which they are always doing something to reward their customers!  Who doesn’t like a little perk?

I find this subject of coffee so interesting! Well, for now I will let you go so you can finish your cup of coffee and get to your “to do list,” which I’m sure you will get done!  

What’s your cup of coffee choice?

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  • I’m in Raleigh NC so I definitely need to check a few of these places out. I rarely go to a coffee shop because I feel they are over priced but will occasionally treat myself! Thanks for sharing!

  • Coffee crazy! Love it. I try to make it at home with some rum chata instead of almond milk – it serves my purpose. I find that when traveling internationally – cappuccinos are the best!

  • Great information! I love coffee in the morning, and for some reason, I really love any kind of restaurant coffee. Maybe because someone else made it! LOL

  • I don’t like coffee very much but I still love a good cafe! Somewhere where I can relax with some friends with a chai tea.

    • When you read what coffee houses were like when they began and what they were used for it’s understandable why people such as yourself love cafes! I am with you on that one too!

  • I do love a good cappuccino , and I love hanging out at a coffeehouse! I just love that the purpose of going there is usually just to hang out or do some work on my own. It’s definitely one of my happy places!

  • I love my morning cup of joe – I only have 1 a day usually. Nothing fancy, but I use my chocolate coconut protein and some heavy cream and I’m happy. However, looking at your pictures makes me what to try that frothing thing….oh my gosh, it looks so good. Maybe when I retire next January. Your pictures are beautiful – I love the different cups. It would be so fun to sit down with you and enjoy one of those cups. I wish I was in GA – I’ve always wanted to visit Savannah – I need to get that on my road trip bucket list for when I retire! I also found the history so interesting and laughed over the energetic goats!! Great post!

    • Oooh Lala ….tell me more about this: chocolate coconut protein Susan! Yes, love love love #Savannah – it’s a must go!

  • It’s interesting to learn why we eat or drink something today. I have often wondered “who thought to eat this”? Thanks!

  • I will drink coffee on occasion. I do know people that rely on coffee and it is crazy. Coffee cup everywhere they go. This is a great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • I don’t think I rely on coffee, yet I do like one in the morning…or mid-day, sometimes in the evening, but not every day. 🙂 Unfortunately, when I have taken my favorite iced coffee cups with me, I have left them behind, so now I drink water most of the time when I leave my house. Thank you for enjoying my post.

  • You had me with that first line!! LOL. Plus, you mentioned tons of places in Savannah, GA, which is one of my planned destinations this year. Thanks for the tips and recommendations!

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