My Favorite Coffee Brands, How to Store Your Coffee and Coffee Grinders.

Some of you asked me on my last post about the ‘history of coffee’ what brand of coffee I like. Well, I love more than one. So I will share them with you, but first a few more details that I haven’t told you that are important when buying coffee.

I usually purchase the whole bean. The coffee flavor is in the oil of the coffee bean, so if you want more taste, then you want to grind it right before you make your coffee. The oils will dry up if your coffee is grounded before and sits there, so if you have a choice go with whole beans.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder, no sweat here are a few suggestions that are not expensive at all, or you can buy a higher priced one, but not necessary unless you are a coffee connoisseur.

I have my Braun KSM2-BLK Aromatic Coffee Grinder, Black grinder for 20 plus years now, but the one I have is only sold on Amazon and not by Braun any longer. You can buy it used for a decent price or new, but the price is really over the top. So I would go with not an expensive one, but one that does the trick! KitchenAid has a Coffee Grinder in Onyx Black for not a significant investment, which the blade and bowl are dishwasher safe and is quiet and not loud.

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Also, I’m not sure if you heard you should keep your coffee in the freezer.
Well, that’s partially true, preferably you should keep it in a sealed airtight container in a dark, dry, cool place, away from heat-not next to your oven, ideally. You don’t want your coffee beans to get moist or exposed too often to air; you don’t want this to happen to your magic bean!

You can freeze your beans for up to a month in a sealed airtight container and use them in a month according to the National Coffee Association. Just take out the coffee beans you need to use and put the others away quickly, so they don’t thaw out.

When you purchase your coffee, buy it in small amounts because coffee begins to lose it’s freshness almost immediately after roasting and loses the flavor in about two weeks. Another thing I will point out is you should take your coffee out of the bag you bought it in once you open it and put it in an opaque sealed airtight container, store as I explain above — enough information.

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Allegro Coffee, Organic Decaf French Roast
For the daily cup of coffee, I like this brand that I get at Whole Foods. You can get it at the store or through Amazon Fresh, now that Amazon owns Whole Foods. It’s a smooth cup of coffee that is a Dark Roast with the flavor that is smoky and sweet. I use this when I make a pot of fresh coffee, and I store the leftovers in a glass container in my frig for iced coffee.

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Cafe Bustelo
I have this coffee in many forms! I have instant coffee in a jar, little instant packets and I buy it by the pound grounded.
So here is a confession: I love vanilla ice cream sprinkled with instant Cafe Bustelo and drizzle either vanilla extract or Kaluha on top. Yummy!
I like to use Cafe Bustelo when I make Iced Coffee overnight; I will show you how on a future post. I also use this coffee when I make espresso for my Tiramisu.

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Gevalia Kaffe
Guatemala Coarse Ground is a blend that is perfect for both French Press and Automatic Drip Brewing. It is a medium roast, smooth and easy to drink. My dad used to order this brand, and over the years I have had hundreds of pounds of this coffee, and I have had many bonuses: such as coffee makers and this black canister.

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Starbucks Decaf Espresso
Rich and Caramelly this is a Dark Roast Decaffeinated Whole Bean 100% Arabica. I use this one to make a pot of Espresso or use it to make Tiramisu if I don’t have Cafe Bustelo on hand.

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Well, so many to choose from, some of my favorites are:

Ristretto:  This blend comes in both the caffeinated and decaffeinated: Strong in flavor and body; Ristretto has the best of both Colombia and Brazil, South American Arabicas, and East African Arabicas, which is known for its citrus aromas followed by a zing. Bringing together subtle fruity and acid notes, this is a blend of intensely roasted and chocolate notes.

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Arpeggio: This blend comes in both the caffeinated and decaffeinated. From the region of South, and Central America Arabicas filled with fruity and malty notes in the flavor. Along with an intense flavor, it has a hint of cocoa with notes of woody character. Great for an espresso coffee.

Roma: This blend comes from South and Central America Arabicas with woody notes of the roasted bean. Intense yet light, great for a smooth espresso or cappuccino.

Dharkan: This of Arabic coffee has four origins from Asia and Latin American and Costa Rica and Java and two other Latin areas. It has an intense flavor with hints of bitter cocoa powder and toasted cereal with a silky and velvety texture that leaves a bitter taste on your palate. Great for a cappuccino topped with frothy milk.

Cafecito de Cuba: 100% Cuban Arabica and has an intense roasted smoky flavor with notes of wood and hints of tobacco leaves. Perfect for a short espresso cup.

This Nespresso Machine is made by De’Longhi – VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Maker. This bundle comes with a The Aeroccino 3 milk frother and all for about $125.00 with Prime, FREE shipping too! It uses the Vertuo Pods.

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I have at least two cups of coffee a day. I usually have a cappuccino and then an espresso in the morning but sometimes I have a cup of decaf with cream no sugar! Please share with me and our readers what your favorite coffee is.

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