A Brief History of Coffee

Coffee, Cappuccino, Cold Brew, Espresso, Americano, Demitasse, Latte! Call it what you’d like and drink what you desire. As for me, the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee is like a bouquet to my senses. I thought…if I drink coffee every day, and because of my love for coffee, maybe I should learn more about the history of coffee!

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History of Coffee

According to the National Coffee Association, the legend about the discovery of coffee is that Kaldi, a goat herder, discovered these magical beans. As Kaldi watched his goats eat the berries from certain trees, he saw the energy they had and how they didn’t want to sleep at night. He reported his discovery to the local monastery who decided to make a drink with these berries. The monks found the beverage kept them awake, and they were able to pray long into the night.

From there the Monks shared it with other monasteries to the east, and the bean began to spread to the Arabian peninsula and then all over the world!

It was interesting when searching for the history of coffee, what I learned.  The cultivation of the coffee trade began in the Arabian Peninsula. In the 15th century. Yemeni, a district of Arabia, started to grow the magical bean. Then in the 16th century, it spread to Egypt, Syria, Turkey, and Persia. People enjoyed coffee not only in their homes but also in coffee houses, which is what we call coffee shops or cafes today. 

I have my runs to coffee shops and cafes for sure and if you read some of my earlier posts you will see some of my favorites to visit.  But I will say that most of the time I make and drink my coffee at home, which you can read here about some of my favorite brands.

One of My Favorite Cafes In NYC Cafe Lalo

History of My Coffee Routine

I have my favorite coffee cup to drink from…but then again I have several favorite mugs, cups, and glasses; I love them all! All different textures, colors, shapes, and sizes!

I usually have a cappuccino each morning when I am at home. I will froth some regular milk and some almond milk mixed together in my Nespresso coffee machine frother and top off my cup of java. I recently bought a stainless steel cup and a separate frother; I really want to learn how to make fancy froth designs….not there yet so don’t judge, please. I just started to make golden milk, which has some ingredients like turmeric, honey, cinnamon, almond milk, vanilla, and coconut milk. Then I add a shot or two of espresso into my golden milk.

I grew up watching my dad drink iced coffee; then when I was old enough, I became one who is doing the same! Usually, I’ll make a pot of coffee so that I can refrigerate it to make iced coffee during the day.


What Kind of Coffee Maker Do You Have?

I have several different pots to make coffee in, but for the most part, I use my Nespresso Machine or my drip coffee pot. But I do have an espresso pot for the stovetop and a few french presses.

Nespresso is popping up with boutiques around the country that you can get your pods on the spot, or you can ship to yourself; most of the time it’s FREE shipping, and they have specials all the time! To me, Nespresso has a great aroma as if you are making a fresh pot of coffee on your stove.

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees?’ Well, in this case, coffee beans do! And it can cost you lots of money to get your favorite cup of coffee, but to me, it is worth it! 

Coffee A Household Word

Today, coffee is a household item in most homes. There are even shows about coffee, like Jerry Seinfeld’s “Coffee and Cars,” or in “Elf,” where Will “Buddy” Ferrell takes his date to the ‘World’s Best Cup of Coffee’ shop! And do you remember the drink cart in the show “Parenthood?” Have you ever wondered why they had coffee carts, or why there are coffee machines in your office? Well, it’s because employers noticed that their workers were more productive when having coffee!


It’s All About The Perk

By the way, I received two of these unique cups and saucers from Nespresso as a promotion; they are always doing something to reward their customers! Who doesn’t like a little perk?

Cups and Saucers From Nespresso

Here is another perk: you can save on your shipping for your favorite coffee or coffee maker when you have Amazon Prime because shipping is FREE. We love having Prime for several reasons, but I’ll share more about that later. You can have a FREE trial for 30 Days, and if you do so, be sure to watch all the shows that are also included with Prime! Click below to take advantage of their 30-day Free Trial.

Time For Another Cup of Coffee

I find this subject of coffee so interesting! Well, for now, I will let you go so you can finish your cup of coffee and get to your “to-do list,” which I’m sure you will get done! 

What’s your cup of coffee choice?

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