A Sense of Gratitude

As we get closer to Thanksgiving a sense of gratitude comes to the forefront of our minds and hearts. Each and every morning as I wake up to another day of life I am grateful.  Instead of getting mad that I was woken by my husband as he gets ready for work that day, I am grateful he woke up and that he works so hard to provide for our family. I thank God for that each day I get to wake up my children for school or work, to make them lunch and get them off for their day.  It’s another day that I get to clean up the mess after my family ate breakfast before they left the house that morning.

Another load of laundry, including the muddy pants that my son left me, when he got mud on them after taking a hike with his dad. Or warming up a meal because our son was late for dinner because he was hanging out with his friends in the neighborhood that we have lived in for most of his life. Or making something to eat for my daughter after her long day at her new position at her job.  Proud and thankful both our children are with us. I have friends who have lost their children and I pray I never have to face what they go through each and every moment of their days.

It’s another day I get the mail and see what bills that have to be paid, or cards of encouragement I received.  It’s another day that I get to speak with my Aunts or Uncle who are still alive (100, 91 and 97 years old) or a cousin or friend. It’s another day that I get wet in the rain when I got out of my car at the post office to mail off some baby and birthday gifts to those I love and deeply care about.  It’s another day, I get to talk to my sister or brothers and find out about how they and their children’s lives are. It’s another day!

I picture my mom and seeing her eyes closed after she passed away a few years ago and knowing she won’t have another day to live here on earth and to enjoy the laugh or voices of her grandchildren.  To see their faces when they smile or seeing them play or even have an argument. It’s one less day that she has to talk on the phone to her children or one of her ten grandchildren, or to one of her siblings or friends she treasured for 70 plus years.  Those days are gone and it makes me more grateful for each day that I have here on earth.

When I reflect on friends and family that I have lost or those who have have lost their children, parents, spouses and others who they have loved, it makes me grateful for another day I get to breathe.

It also brings back memories of the trips and experiences that I have done in my life building memories.  Like one of our trips a few years ago out west or when I saw the Grand Canyon a seven years ago with my family.  

I remember getting out of the car with my two children and husband and I told them that I wanted all of us to reach the edge at the same time, so that we could share in this incredible experience together, so we did!  It was an incredible amazing, an out of the body experience, a sight and feeling I will never forget. I would suggest to put this on your Bucket List – I like to call it Your LIVE List!

Gratitude is an important virtue to have in order to have happiness in life.  Let’s all be grateful for another day!

Please share something or someone you are grateful for today!  Not only share it with us, but with someone you know!


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