Blogging Tips

I really love blogging and you will too! Many people ask me how they can start a blogging business, what programs are needed to create a successful blog, and maintain that blog. So, I wanted to compile a list of the resources that I use in my blogging business and that I can recommend for your blogging journey.

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Building a Blogging Business is Like Building a House

When you are starting a blogging business you need a plan! Just like when you are building a new house. Where do you want to build your house? Domain Name! What’s your topic going to be? Name of your blog! What is your floor plan going to look like? Your Theme! and so on. Let me help with some suggestions starting below on how to get your blogging business started.

Domain Names

A domain name is an address for your blog (think of it as a street address). My favorite domain registrar is NAMECHEAP.

A more well-known domain registrar, but also a more expensive option, is GODADDY. I prefer NAMECHEAP as they offer free Whois privacy protection and cost less.

Themes on Word Press

Now that you have your name and address of your blog next is to pick out the theme. It’s time to pick the layout and what it will look like when you have your blog (again think of it like you are building a house). I have found it has many to choose from and easy to use THEME FOREST my husband and I use their themes for a few of our blogs and websites. To us, they are easy to learn and easy to use and navigate.


Now you need a logo. If you are talented and can to do on your own you can use CANVA or if you want it done for as low as $5.00 then I like using FIVERR When you have your logo made be sure to have them make it in different sizes and colors. Meaning ones that will fit in the dimensions that are described in the Social Media platform. If your initial logo is long then you may want another logo that is round and one that is square. FIVERR has been around for years now and we have been using FIVERR for a long time for logos, website building, ghostwriters, voice-overs, videos and more.


Website hosting is needed as a place to store all your website files (think of hosting like the house). Once you start building your website, you will need to store your website files somewhere so they can be seen, and your files are stored on your hosting (think of the files like the furnishings inside of your house).

There are lots of hosting options, but there are a few that really stand out in terms of speed, security, and support. These are the following hosting companies that I recommend:

A2 HOSTING – I use A-2 Hosting

BLUEHOST Another one many like

Email Autoresponders

Email autoresponders serve several purposes. First, they allow you to create opt-in forms so people can give you their email to subscribe to your blog, or in exchange for something you are giving away. Second, an email autoresponder allows you to set up an email series that will automatically go out over a set time period (for example, someone opts into your blog and you have your email autoresponder send them an email every day for 5 days). Third, you can send out one-time broadcast messages to everyone on your email list (for example, perhaps you learned of a new limited-time discount offer for a product and you can then send out a one-time email about that offer).

These are email autoresponders that I recommend due to ease of use, cost, and reputation:

AWEBER, GETRESPONSE, CONSTANT CONTACT, and SECOND STREET. I use AWEBER and SECOND STREET. One thing that I really love about Second Street is that it can automatically send out an email that contains my most recent blog posts so that people can stay engaged with my blog.

Photo Editing Tools

Having great images on your blog, and on your social media, is really important. This helps you look professional and keep people engaged. Here are some of my favorite editing tools:

PICMONKEY (I use this to make my Pinterest images, Facebook headers, and much more), LIGHTROOM (free trial – this is a tremendous photo-editing tool and can be used on your phone app or computer), CANVA (free with a paid option, similar to PicMonkey)

Videos, Videos, Videos – It’s All About Videos

WAVE VIDEO is my pick to make videos on their platform! Easy to use, everything you need is all in one place, and they just began adding more features like VIDEO FUNNELS! In the near future you will be able to create your videos and then have access on your WAVE VIDEO APP then will be able to seamlessly add to your Instagram account all from your phone! WV-WOW!

Social Media Tools

Time is precious, so having tools to help you automate your business is important. There are tools that can schedule posts, find content, analyze results to grow your social media. A fantastic tool that I use is called TAILWIND, which works for both Instagram and Pinterest. This is a no brainer to save time and to post consistently. For Pinterest, you can set and forget for months at a time if you wanted to. TAILWIND is an Official Partner with Pinterest and Instagram, they are proud to be an INSTAGRAM DEVELOPER PARTNER PINTEREST MARKETING DEVELOPER PARTNER.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Affiliate Platforms/Networks

Affiliate networks are great resources to utilize in monetizing your blog. You can promote products and services, and then be paid an affiliate commission if someone purchases through your affiliate link. There are many affiliate networks, and probably one of the largest and best known is Amazon. You can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate, then promote Amazon products, however, the commission rate starts at only 4%. Several other platforms will have commissions ranging from 10% up to 100%. Here are some affiliate platforms to help you monetize your blog:

Join, Earn Cash!




I hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions! Happy Blogging!