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Are you looking for a piece of carry-on hard shell luggage, easy to use, meets the TSA and ITSA criteria and looks great? If you are in the market, I believe I have a solution for you!  

Thank you to Chester Travels for sponsoring this blog post. Opinions are my own.

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Family Travel

Our family has been traveling for years. Friends and family can usually find us flying or driving somewhere in the USA to find a new adventure. When we fly, we prefer to carry our bags on the plane so that we do not have to pay a fee. With some of the older suitcases, however, they were just a little too big and did not pass the TSA regulations. They had a soft exterior and expanded over the limits and then had to be checked in at the gate, so we set out to find a carry-on hard shell luggage piece that was also reasonably priced.

Traveling Solo

There are times when I travel solo, and when I do, I prefer light luggage.  It needs to be durable on the outside and have wheels that are sturdy so it is easy to pull. Because I’m just around 5 feet tall, it is important for my luggage to be lightweight, and it has to have enough room for my clothes, shoes, cosmetics and, of course, one of my hats. 

Shortly after I started to look for better carry-on hard shell luggage, I learned about Chester Travels.

A Little Background How Chester Was Born

Chester Travels is family-owned, which was one of the reasons I was attracted to their brand. One of the brothers said he has always been an entrepreneur.  He studied architecture for a few years, a skill that helped him when his family was designing the luggage. He also traveled for business a few times a month, and on his travels he found his carry-on bag had to be checked in at the gate because it did not meet the TSA requirements; so one of the few reasons he started Chester Travels was because he wanted to find a quality bag at a lower price that met TSA and ITSA requirements. After searching for what he wanted and could not find what he was looking for in the market, he and his family decided it was time they came up with this type of luggage themselves: Chester was born!

What Chester Travels Luggage Offers 

First, I do like that Chester Travels deals directly to the consumer which keeps the buyer’s cost down! Lucky for us: high quality lower prices!

  • The company has a 100-day trial with free returns which means you can purchase without any risk.
  • They have a 10-year warranty on any parts, wheels, handles, telescoping handles, outer shell, and zippers.  More details on Chester Site
  • The bags have a polycarbonate resistant exterior that is unbreakable and perfect for wet weather.
  • They are well designed for ultimate packing space, perfectly lightweight 7 to 9.5 lbs.
  • The bags have four pairs of 360° – spinner rubber wheels for a smooth ride.
  • They have FREE Shipping and arrives in 2 business days. Note: they only ship to the USA including Alaska and Hawaii.

Chester Carry-On Hard Shell Luggage Meets the TSA and IATA Guidelines

  • Their bags meet the TSA and IATA baggage guidelines
  • Minima’s compact carry-on 21.5” x 13.5” x 8.5″ including wheels
  • Regulas’s compact 11” x 18” x 26″ including wheels
  • TSA approved combination lock. The zipper lock is situated on the luggage in a place where you have easy access. Plus it is unlikely the two zipper pull locks will break because of the smart design of where they are positioned.  If TSA or ITSA needs to open the lock it’s easy to do. You can set your own combination. 

What I Like About Chester Hard Shell Luggage Pieces

  • It has two separate large zippered compartments.
  • There are three smaller zippered compartments, perfect for undergarments, cosmetics, magazines, or a tablet.
  • It has one separate laundry bag for dirty laundry.
  • Each has two handles that are perfect to hold if you do not want to roll your luggage, as well as an extendable aluminum handle that extends 21 inches with 2 place locks, perfect for those who are tall, short (like me), and children!
  • I love their color choices! 
  • Black, Charcoal, Aluminium Grey, Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Sand, and Pink, in December White and larger size, are coming out!
carry on hard shell luggage
A Total of Five Zippered Compartments
Comes with a Convenient Laundry Bag

Why and What Luggage Piece I Have

I choose the Minima Sky Blue Compact and I love everything about it!  I can fit so much more in it than I thought I could at first glance. This is my very first hardshell luggage piece, and I’m loving it!

Lets Start Packing

I have these packing zippered pouches that I like using when I travel; they fit just right in my Chester!  I learned how to fold years ago when I was in the fashion merchandising industry and from others who, over the years, showed me how to fit almost anything in a suitcase.

carry on hard shell luggage

This trip I packed 4 pairs of leggings, shorts, tops, socks, personal clothing, 2 pairs of jeans, Pj’s, one pair of shoes and a pair of sandals…plus my cosmetics, blow dryer, brush, scarfs, tablet and my latest hat!  There was still room for more, but I didn’t need to pack anything else; it was perfect for one person to travel for a week.  

I Definitely Recommend Owning A Chester

I have no hesitation recommending a Chester for your travel luggage . I am so in love with my Chester Travels carry-on hard shell luggage that I want to give you a code so that when you order it you can get a 10% discount!  Click here and when it asks for a code at check out then enter 10AF.

Chester sent me my piece of luggage so that I can tell you my opinion and write about my experience! I am a proud owner and so excited about my new Chester!

Please let me know if you have any luggage pieces from Chester Travels and what you think of your Chester! And remember to use the CODE 10AF for the 10% discount when purchasing your Chester!

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