Celebrating Mealtime

This is a guest post from a dear friend Amanda Rohwedder. She is a Degreed Nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado. She founded Temple and Table as a way to nourish our culture with wholesome food, real conversation, and authentic community. When not in the kitchen, Amanda can be found exploring local restaurants, on a hiking trail or at a live music venue. You can find out more about her and her cause on her website at templeandtable.com/ or find her on Social Media: facebook.com/templeandtable instagram.com/templeandtable

Nonni’s meatballs. Everyone loves Nonni’s meatballs. They were expected to be on the menu for every family gathering. Even more than how delicious the meatballs tasted was the love that Nonni put into making them. That’s why they were the family favorite.

Amanda and Her Nonni

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him; the people who give you their food give you their heart. -Cesar Chavez

The idea of mealtime being an important event was always something I seemed to understand from a young age. My love of cooking started with watching the Food Network instead of sitcoms after school. Nonni also taught me some things along the way, including how to make those famous meatballs.

Amanda Rohwedder – Photo by Photographer Sara Gauchat

I can remember many hilarious conversations with my high school best friends over this puff pastry wrapped Brie cheese. It was a favorite dish at a local restaurant that I had recreated at home. Whenever they came to my house, we had to make “the Brie.” Those girls are still my best friends. We think back often to those nights even now and how much fun we had merely being together.

Laughter is a Great Thing! Amanda Rohwedder

Fast forward to living in Nashville. My roommates and I would host brunch after church on Sundays. Other friends would grill out in their backyard during the summer. We had favorite dinner spots where we learned more about each other, shared our dreams, our disappointments and our faith. An incredible community of friends grew over time with this quality time spent together.

Celebrating Life!

But when I look back to the Christmas Eves and graduation parties where those famous meatballs were served, to making that yummy Brie recipe for my friends or Sunday brunches in Nashville, food was really a backdrop for the greater picture. Sharing a meal elevates conversation and interaction. It bonds families and creates memories. Food connects people. Over my life, I’ve indeed collected memories involving beautiful meals, but most of all I have gathered incredible relationships with my family and friends.

What are some of your favorite ways to cherish and celebrate mealtime?

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