Fall the Season I Love

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! To me, it’s a colorful time of the year: crisp air, cooler weather, time to pull out my warm wardrobe, and go apple and pumpkin picking! These are just a few things I love to do in the fall.

I have had the opportunity to live in five states, which is not a lot compared to some people, but I have traveled to 43 states, and 33 of them were with my family of four. Each state has its seasons; some earlier than others. The northern states get to see the beautiful fall leaves turn into the warm, brilliant colors earlier than where I live now, but for me, I still get to enjoy the leaves turning colors here in North Carolina. When I lived in South Florida, however, we didn’t have much of a fall of different colors.

Fall means pulling out the fall colors from my wardrobe, and usually, I purchase a few new pieces to fit the season or the trend! Honestly, one of my go to’s is wearing one of my jean jackets. I have different styles, and I even have one with a faux fur in leopard print, one of my faves! My hats also change from the straw hats to heavier fabrics like corduroy, wool or felt hats. But when I travel south during the colder months, I still wear my straw hat!

Mt. Airy, North Carolina Home of Andy Griffin – Mayberry R.F.D.

I remember when I moved from Florida back to New York, one of the first things I did was to go pumpkin picking in northern N.J. with a friend. However, I haven’t gone pumpkin picking in years. Now, I usually get our pumpkins at one of the farmer’s markets or stands that are on almost every corner. The good thing is they still come from our local farmers, so I don’t mind going to them; but to be honest, it’s not as much fun.  

If you can go pumpkin picking, I would suggest you go do it. When our children were young, my husband and I would do more of this, and it became a real family event, with hayrides, face painting, apple cider donuts, and much more!

When Our Children were Young A Family Tradition

We still like to get pumpkins, and to this day, we continue to decorate them in more ways than one, including carving.  

Did I mention that I grew up on an apple orchard till I was ten years old? Well, I did, and yes, we did a lot of apple picking!  

Our Home in New York in the Early Years with my Mom and My Siblings

Apple picking is fun, but recently, when I was planning to go to a local orchard, I learned that this year was off-limits to visitors. The weather was unusually hot this year, so those orchards were not allowing anyone to pick their own apples because they didn’t get a large crop. I am speaking only of some farms in North Carolina. However, the farms still have apples available, along with hayrides, apple bobbing, apple cider hot donuts, cider and more fun things to do!

One of Our Local Farms

One of our favorite places that we went pumpkin picking was in Charlottesville, VA. Not only was it fun and festive, but the view was absolutely gorgeous!  

When my siblings and I were kids, I remember our dad would rake the leaves, pile them high, and we would jump in them. We kept this tradition and did the same with our children when they were younger. 

Having Fun Jumping in the Leaves

I would love to hear if you like the fall as much as I do, so please share below. 

Below is a list of some things you can do in the fall that are festive; check to see which of these activities are in your local area that you and your family would enjoy.

Apple Picking

Pumpkin Picking

Hay Rides

Corn Mazes

Haunted Houses

Drive to see the Fall Leaves

Vineyards that have special events

Cider Breweries that have special events

Farms that have special events

Ghost Tours

Carve Jack-o-lanterns

Go to a Football Game

Go on a Nature Hike

Bake anything Apple, Pumpkin and Squash and any other fruits or veggies available during the Autumn months

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Go for a Sunday Drive

Roast Marshmallows

Rake leaves and jump in them 

So what excites you about the fall?

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