Farmers Market Season

It’s that time of year for farmers markets in the states that are usually cold during the winter time to have them start popping up on weekends. Although my state has a few year-round, this is the season when our farmer markets are in full bloom!

Fresh Cut Flowers at the Durham Farmers Market
Stone Crabs Chadwick’s Seafood, Duck Eggs, Ninth Street Bakery, Melina’s Fresh Pasta
South Durham Farmers Market

In North Carolina, we have many farmers in our area with fresh produce, great cheeses, beef, pork farmers, seafood, and lots of items with goats involved, like a variety of goat cheeses, cheesecakes, pasta and more.

There is nothing like a fresh tomato, not for anything but I usually shop at organic stores that have fresh organic produce, but apples to apples or tomatoes to tomatoes, nothing compares to one that you can get at your farmers market from your local farmer.

Saturdays no matter how tired I am and even if I want to sleep in, I like to wake up at a decent hour and run to my local farmers market. Usually, I will buy tomatoes, fresh lettuces, other produce, freshly made bread, and some flowers! On occasion especially at the beginning of springtime, I will buy fresh herbs and plant them so I have them all summer long. A couple of weeks ago I purchased some mint and basil I planted them and I already have a great abundance!

At one of my Favorite Stands – Simon Says Spread This – Nut Spreads

A few weeks ago I bought tomatoes that we loved, oh my gosh, the best ever! One of the other shoppers there suggested making a BLT, so I had bought freshly make Challah Bread from Ninth Street Bakery, tomatoes, and I had prosciutto and avocados at home to make these luscious sandwiches when I got home. This sandwich was so good I made these a few times that week! I am craving one now!

BLT made with Fresh Tomatoes From S. Durham Farmers Market and Prosciutto from Capri Flavors in Cary, North Carolina

I love getting freshly caught fish, fresh pasta and pastries for my Saturday morning breakfast!

Fresh Stonecrabs from North Carolina Coast from Chadwick’s Seafood
at S. Durham Farmers Market

The cool thing about Farmers Markets is that you can find local art from your local artist in your area or state! We have much of this talent in our area. This is located where the food trucks are and Cricket Forge is located on Hunt Street.

Be sure to find your farmers markets in your area, support your local farmers and businesses and also you benefit from some of the freshest foods you can sink your teeth into! Tell us your favorite things about your local Farmers Market!

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