How to Make A S’more

There are so many ways to make a s’more. Of course, there is the traditional way of how to make a s’more: graham crackers, Hershey chocolate bars, and roasted marshmallows.

But when it comes to food and other creative things that I get my hands on, I usually add a twist.

So I thought I would share some other ways I like making s’mores! 

How To Roast Your Marshmallows

I am not sure about you, but sometimes, I want a roasted marshmallow out of the blue! I am fortunate to have a gas stove, so I put a marshmallow on a long fork, turn on my stove for just a minute, and start roasting my marshmallow over the fire.  * Caution: this is only for adults to do;  I DO NOT recommend for children to do this or even watch you do it; this way, they are not tempted to try it when you are not around.

You can also make them in your oven if you don’t have a campfire brewing or a gas stove. Regardless, you can find many recipes on how to make a s’more in the oven.

I think the best way is to make them over a campfire, especially when you are enjoying time with family or friends. When we visit our family in Tennessee, we do that often. They have a great fire pit with enough chairs for everyone.

We also like to make s’mores when we are on vacation, even when we’re staying at one of the resorts we like or at one of our Wyndham properties or one of our timeshare resorts; most of them usually have firepits. Once when we visited Vail, Colorado with friends, the resort provided everything to make s’mores at our Wyndham property, which was a pleasant surprise to find in our kitchen when we arrived!

Smores in Colorado Wyndham Resort in Avon, CO.  Learn more at Me and My Traveling Hat

Ice Cream S’mores Oh My!

If you haven’t learned this about me over the past few years, I will enlighten you! I love ice cream! Although I have scaled back over the past few years, I still love it once in a while.

Back to making the familiar with a twist… I decided to make a s’more using ice cream with the burnt marshmallows, that’s how I like mine roasted!

I started making these over the summer. It’s a s’more that you can make inside your house or out, whether it’s summer or winter… with ice cream! Yesss, s’mores made with ice cream; you can’t go wrong with this delight!

You can certainly roast your marshmallow outside on your campfire and have your ice cream on ice so that it doesn’t melt before the ice cream hits the heated marshmallow!

Graham Cracker, Chocolate Cookie or Chocolate Graham Cracker

I am also fortunate to live in Durham, NC, which has a bakery and restaurant downtown called Roses Noodles Dumplings and Sweets. This is where I get my chocolate sugar cookies that are finished with granulated sugar and come in two different shapes and sizes. 

S'mores made with ice cream chocolate cookies and find more recipes on Me and My Traveling Hat

No matter the shape, they all taste the same, so I like to get both the square and the round for variety!

You can also use Honey Maid Chocolate Graham Crackers or Honey Maid Graham Crackers, or make chocolate sugar cookies yourself! Try topping them with salt instead of sugar for a different spin.

Let’s Make Some S’mores!

I have made them a few different ways, so let me show you some that I created so that when you get ready, you can make them too! 

To make the ice cream s’mores, I like my ice cream very hard so that it won’t melt quickly.

I take my roasted marshmallow and place it on one of the two I will be using, cookie/cracker; then I put a scoop of ice cream on top of the marshmallow, add the other cookie/cracker on top and smush it together.

S'mores made with ice cream and find more recipes on Me and My Traveling Hat

If you are also using hot fudge on top, do not heat up the hot fudge; have the hot fudge in the refrigerator for at least one hour before making.  When you’re ready for the hot fudge, take a large teaspoon or more – it’s up to you – and scoop it on top of the roasted marshmallow then the ice cream. Then top it with the other cookie/cracker and smoosh it together.

I like to use the chocolate ice cream in place of a chocolate bar. Sometimes I’ll add hot fudge if it’s vanilla based or caramel ice cream.

Eating it right away is the best, but if you want to save for later, you can saran wrap them and put in the freezer then eat when you are ready. While your marshmallow will no longer be warm, obviously, it is still delicious!

I use all kinds of flavors of ice cream to make my s’mores. Here are some flavors I have used: Gimme S’more by Ben & Jerry, Chocolate Therapy by Ben & Jerry; Chocolate Trinity Publix Brand, Edy’s Cookies and Cream is my children’s choice. Another favorite is Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato, which would be great if you decided to make your own chocolate cookies topped with sea salt.

Pick the flavor of ice cream that you love and add it to your s’more.  When I’m up for the challenge, I will make some of my concoctions of ice cream.

Final S’more Thoughts

Have you ever made s’mores with ice cream? Whether you have or not, but you have made a spin-off of a traditional S’more, please share your favorite S’ more with us!

Remember to share these recipes with a friend or family member, if you think they would enjoy it!

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