La Farm Bakery – Cary, North Carolina

When you are from New York, as I am, then you know when you have eaten great bread! I have lived in a few states, and the bread never tastes as good as it does in New York. They always say it’s in the water, to this day I’m not sure if that is true or not.

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A few years ago someone told me about a small bakery with a few tables called La Farm Bakery. When I walked in and smelled the fresh bread and pastries baking, I knew this was a special place. I ordered a cappuccino, and I can’t entirely remember what I ate that day, but I think it was a Monte Cristo or Croque Monsieur. Whichever it was, it was delicious! Perfectly cooked and very tasty, and I knew I would be back. A Croque Monsieur consist of ham, gruyere, and mozzarella cheeses with two eggs and mornay sauce on their La Farm Bread toasted. They have fruit on the side with their brunch potatoes and a mini scone of the day.

One perk La Farm Bakery was just minutes from where my husband worked, so I knew if I needed any bread or pastries, I could ask him to pick it up. He since moved from that location but better news they have opened a new La Farm Bakery closer to where I live.

My husband and I went for Easter brunch. We ordered our favorite dishes, Eggs Benedict for me, poached eggs, ham, asparagus, hollandaise sauce, and fresh chives, served with brunch potatoes, mini scone, and fresh fruit and Jon had Croque Monsieur. Of course, we had to get a few croissants to go. I usually get a cappuccino, as I did on Sunday.

Eggs Benedict and Croque Monsieur
Eggs Benedict

The owner of La Farm Bakery, Lionel Vatinet, is from France. He became part of France’s distinguished artisans’ guild, Les Compagnons du Devoir, at the age of 16. After studying under many master chefs, he became a Master Baker and was recognized by the James Beard Foundation as a semifinalist for Outstanding Baker in 2015.

Lionel opened his first La Farm Bakery in 1999 and now has three locations and you can find them at the Farmers Markets plus Whole Foods carries their bread. To find where the closest location is to you or to order online click here!

If you want to learn Lionel techniques, then pick up his book: A Passion For Bread: Lessons from a Master Baker (Little, Brown & Co). Here is a link where you can purchase it from Amazon. Click here.

The bread and baked goods are all fresh, no frozen starters, no preservatives, or artificial ingredients. They use unbleached, unbromated flours (no chemicals) and when they are able to get fresh ingredients locally, they do.

Tell me if you have been to La Farm Bakery, and whether you have or not share with me and my readers your favorite bakery!

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