My BIG “0” Week and a Few New Holiday Traditions!

This was a busy, but great week!

Usually in our area we don’t have snow until after Christmas, especially the amount of snow we had.  We had around 10 inches of snow, and everything was covered in a matter of hours; it was so beautiful!

It was fun to watch both the young and old play in the snow and build snowmen and sleigh ride!

This was also a special week because it was my birthday, celebrating my “0” day!

Why don’t I tell you my age? Well, my husband says you are never supposed to ask a lady her age, but what I will share with you is it was significant enough that my family celebrated with me all week and threw me a surprise party. One of the big surprises was  that my brother and sister-in-law from Nashville came here to celebrate with us! It was a great surprise all the way around. My two children did a great job with hiding it from me and organizing and helping my husband pull it off.

We finished the celebrating with a girls’ brunch on Saturday, which was lovely. We got to share a festive meal and great conversation with some laughs and few tears too. It was great to celebrate, and I definitely felt the love.  So if you are reading this and were involved in any way, then let me say thank you for celebrating with me and for making me feel special.

Of course, this is the holiday season, so from Thanksgiving till the day after New Years Day, we are in a festivity mode!

This holiday season I started some new traditions.  I love little Christmas trees, so I have them all over the house.  One that is in our dinning area is blue with white mini lights and pretty glass miniature bulbs. I decided to put a small gift under the tree each day for the next twelve days instead of putting them in stockings this year!  It’s been fun watching my family open them each day, including my husband; he’s been excited to unwrap his gift for the day to see what he received! They are adding some under the tree for me too, and some of the gifts I received so far have been Godiva Chocolate, Orbit Gum, a bag of Coal, well, it’s really little squares of Butterfingers. So it’s a new and exciting tradition!  I even put a twist on it and said if you remember what you got each day, when it’s all over and you can write it down, then the winner gets another larger surprise on Christmas day! Can’t wait to see who will win this challenge.

Another festive thing I am doing this year is that I have a tray full of holiday treats for family, friends and neighbors who stop by to share some holiday cheer.

Here are a few of the treats that I have on my tray of goodies. I keep adding new ones as they run out.

From World Market: @worldmarket #worldmarket

Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Peppermint Bark Cookies

Jack Daniels Bourbon Pecan Cake

Pocky Almond and Chocolate Sticks 

Lindt Chocolate Teddy Bears @lindt_chocolate #LindtChocolate

Jelly Belly Beans Holiday Collection @jellybellycandyco

Ghirardelli Chocolate Holiday Squares – Milk Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark @

Moose Munch Caramel Popcorn Harry and David @HarryandDavid

Dark Chocolate and Coconut Lacey Cookies #LaceyCookies

Peppermint Bark Dark and Milk Chocolate Filled with Carmel Bark

From Rose’s Noodles, Dumplings & Sweets Durham, NC @rosesbutcher @roses_baker 

Macaroons – Creme Brulee, Chocolate Mint and Praline

Chocolate Cream Puffs

From Publix Bakery @Publix 

Almond Crunch Bark

From Whole Foods @WholeFoods

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Remember you can shop on line to get these delivered to your door with Amazon Fresh. Click below to get to it quickly.

I am excited to share my special day with you all and a few of the new traditions we have started for the holidays.  Please share a favorite birthday celebration or a holiday tradition you and your family do during this time of year!

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