Eating in Savannah, Georgia

Sorry Charlies

I love going to Savannah, Georgia, even if it’s for a quick stop on my way to Florida.  On my last trip, I decided to stay for a few days because there were so many places I wanted to visit.  This trip I went to a few restaurants in one evening, yes, two in one night. I started at Sorry Charlies Oyster Bar and Cocktails, which is known for their Oysters. I ended up having a cocktail and an appetizer. I had their Savannah Lump Blue Crab Cakes, House-made comeback sauce, lemon emulsion…trust me, they were delicious!  I also tried their grapefruit and cucumber gin cocktail. 

Sorry Charlies in Historical Savannah

When I visited there, the tables were close to each other; so if you like to talk to others, it’s not awkward.  Sorry Charlies is expanding the restaurant and adding two upper levels with a Tikki Bar decor. More seats will be added to the raw bar, and they will expand the kitchen, as well as add stairs and elevators to access the upper levels.  They will have a rooftop seating area overlooking Ellis Square, helping to preserve the historical integrity to the almost two-hundred-year-old Gibbons Range building.

Grapefruit Juice, Gin, and Soda with Cucumber

The Olde Pink House

I had a great conversation with the couple who sat next to me, who suggested I go to The Olde Pink House,  so that was my next stop.  

When I went to New Orleans a few years back with one of my best friends, we went to four to five restaurants a day so that we could experience as many places as possible over a 4 day period.  The trick is to get an appetizer and something to drink, and if there is a party of two or more, get an appetizer each and one meal to split.  

After Sorry Charlies, I headed over to The Olde Pink House, stopping along the way to browse in a few stores.  I chose to sit outside at The Olde Pink House; it was a cool evening and the skies were so pretty. Besides, I lucked out; there was a table that opened when I arrived, so seating wasn’t long at all.  There was a waiting list to sit inside. I loved sitting outside, watching people pass by while I joined a few other parties who sat outside like myself. I love people watching, especially when I am traveling solo.  

Here I had their signature cocktail of a Kentucky Mule served in a copper tumbler with limes on the side.  It was made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon, and it was very refreshing for the Savannah night air. The waitress brought me the restaurant’s signature corn muffins with honey butter and biscuits.  I ordered their cornbread fried oysters topped with a green goddess sauce, made from avocados. Everything was perfectly cooked; this was a perfect ending to my seafood evening in Savannah!

The Grey Restaurant and The Grey Market

When I visited Savannah this past year with my husband, I finally got to eat at The Grey Restaurant and The Grey Market!  I wrote a detailed post about it, but I wanted to be sure you do not miss going there too when you are looking for places to eat in Savannah!  I suggest eating at night at The Grey Restaurant and making reservations at least 30 days prior to going in order to guarantee a table.  If you don’t get a reservation, then be sure to stop by and grab a seat at their bar and have a special cocktail while looking at their limited, yet tasty bar menu. 

The Grey Restaurant the Front Bar

For breakfast or lunch be sure to go to The Grey Market at 109 Jefferson Street.  Enjoy a bagel and cream cheese with their specially cured lox or have some eggs New York style.  Be sure to check out my earlier post called The Grey Restaurant here.

Everything Bagel Lox, Cream Cheese, and Beets at The Grey Market
The Grey Market

So a few things I suggest: one, always try to go to as many places as possible to eat, even if it’s just for an appetizer, a beverage, and/or a dessert.  If your experience was a good one, put it on your list of places to return to on your next trip to that city. Second, I would suggest trying all of these places next time you are in Savannah. They are worth the visit.

If you would like to see other suggestions of where to go when you are in Savannah then see my earlier post here: The Paris Market, Savannah GA and my detailed post on The Grey and The Grey Market.

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