Skin Care Routine Questions Answered

Whether you are at home or on the road, your skin care routine is very important.  

I am not sure about you, but when I wash my face and put on a moisturizer, I feel so refreshed!  I work from home unless I am traveling, enjoying a vacation; but I am also working.  It’s great to be a travel and food blogger!

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Wearing Gear to Protect You From The Sun

My skin is important enough for me to protect and take care of.  I started wearing hats so that I can help block the sun from my face and not get sunburned.  However, over the years I am finding out there is a lot more to it when protecting and taking care of my skin: it’s not about just wearing a hat.  The hats, of course, stayed with me: hence, Me and My Traveling Hat.

Vero Beach Florida with My Traveling Hat

Wear Sunscreen

When I was young, living in Ft. Lauderdale in the 70s and 80s, the beach was a place I often hung out.  Many times in the earlier years I would be crazy and use baby oil to get that deep tan.  What was I thinking!!! 

Virginia Beach – Reminds Me of Ft. Lauderdale Beach
Me at Ft. Lauderdale Beach in the 1980s

Coming Up With A Skin Care Routine

When my sister and I were tweens my mom put us in a beauty and modeling class at Burdines, which was a big department store in South Florida back in the day. We learned many things, including a skincare routine, which products to use, etc.  That personally was my introduction to Clinique products; this is not a sponsored post, nor am I promoting Clinique: it is just what I have been using for the past 45 + years, and I personally love their products.  The point I want to make is what has stayed with me over the years was the 3-Step skincare program and to this day, that is what I do: Wash, Clarify, Moisturize. 

As We Age, Changing Your Skin Care Routine

Now that I am over 60, I use a few extra moisturizers around my eyes, my face, and neck so that I can prevent wrinkles.  I think I am lucky because, despite my years in the Florida sun, I believe I inherited the beautiful skin of my aunts and uncles. They had gorgeous skin with very few wrinkles into their 90s, YES their 90s!  Not sure if it’s the Sicilian blood, to be honest.  I am told by other people, including my dermatologist, that my skin is of a 45-year-old. I appreciate the compliments. Or it may be that I just took care of my skin, and continue to do so.

Interview With An Esthetician

Recently, I took the time to ask my esthetician some questions that I thought would be helpful to you too, and her responses are below.

Wanda Frick retired last year, but was an esthetician for over 16 years, focusing on skincare.  She has beautiful skin herself!  I hope this helps you with some tips on how to take care of your skin, and that it can give you some suggestions for your own skin care routine.

Questions and Answers

Skin Care Routine

QUESTION: What is a daily skin care routine that can help maintain overall healthy skin?

ANSWER: AM Cleanse, moisturizer, apply Sunscreen, PM Cleanse, Nighttime cream

QUESTION:  How often should you wash your face?

ANSWER:  Twice a day, both in the am and pm.

Soaps, Make-Up Removers, Cleansers

QUESTION:  What type of soaps or cleansers do you recommend using?

ANSWER:  Any facial soaps or cleansers with no parabens or dyes. I use only organic. 

QUESTION:  What is the best way to take make-up off your face?

ANSWER:  With a cleanser.

QUESTION:  Any recommendations of what type of cleanser?

ANSWER:  No7 Beauty skin care line has a good one. 

QUESTION:  How about taking off mascara; what type of products should you use?

ANSWER: I use eye makeup remover wipes. There are many great products out there, just be sure it can be used for eyes.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Facials and Mask

QUESTION:  Do you recommend doing an exfoliant on your face?  

ANSWER: Yes, but not daily, only two times a week.

QUESTION:  What type do you recommend?

ANSWER: Organic Osmosis is the skin care line I use. It is made from berries.

QUESTION:  Is a facial and using a mask the same thing?  If not, what is the difference?

ANSWER: Yes, it is the same thing.

QUESTION:  Do you recommend using a mask at home?

ANSWER: Yes, but again, only one time weekly and nothing harsh.

QUESTION:  What type?

ANSWER: That would determine the skin type.  Read the label to match your skin type.

QUESTION:  How often?

ANSWER: When doing a mask at home, once a week.  When doing it at a salon or spa by a professional, I recommend doing it once a month. 

QUESTION:  What type of facials can people do at home?

ANSWER:  You can purchase products from skin care professionals and follow directions. There are lots of products you can get at your Walmart, Target, drug stores, etc. that are good also. Be sure to purchase the one that is for your skin type.

Image by Seksak Kerdkanno from Pixabay

Brows and Lips

QUESTION:  If you are unable to get to your esthetician and need your brows or lip waxed, what types of products would you suggest using at home? 

ANSWER:  I like Flawless products for both brows and for lip/face.  They run on a battery, are easy to use and clean, etc.  Sally’s has some little eyebrow blades that I use and suggest.

QUESTION:  Is there an optimal time to tweeze your eyebrows?

ANSWER: You should tweeze your brows after a shower and moisturize after you tweeze to close hair follicles. 

QUESTION:  What is the best way to keep up the maintenance on your brows?

ANSWER: Tweeze every other day if you have enough growth.


QUESTION:  There are so many different kinds of moisturizers out there; what ingredients should you look for if they are between 15 – 35 

ANSWER:  That would again depend on skin type. Everybody needs to know their skin type.

QUESTION: What brand do you recommend or prefer using for a night cream?

ANSWER: No7 Beauty skin care line has a great night cream. There are many great brands out there, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, as well as organic creams.  You can also get many from your dermatologist or from your skin care professional.

QUESTION:  If they are older than 35 and getting wrinkles, what types of moisturizers do you suggest using or what ingredients should be in the moisturizers?   

ANSWER: One that has ingredients for anti-aging and mature skin. 

QUESTION:  What about hyaluronic acid; is that an important ingredient in a moisturizer?

ANSWER: Yes. But everybody should always use sunscreen with SPF 15 or 30!

QUESTION:  I have heard about retinol boost collagen; is this something women or men over a certain age should be using? 

ANSWER: Yes, men and women should both use it if they are concerned about wrinkles.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay


QUESTION:  Do you suggest taking Biotin for nail, hair growth, and to help with skin elasticity?

ANSWER: Yes, I also take MSM.  *ALWAYS consult your doctor about using ANY supplements


ANSWER:  It’s a dietary supplement Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (I get mine from work MRC); it is also good for weight loss.   *ALWAYS consult your doctor about using ANY supplements

Facial Excercises

QUESTION:  What are your thoughts on facial exercises?  I have seen some exercises you can do for your face so that you will have fewer wrinkles, but then again I heard if you do them you will not prevent them but will create them.  What is your opinion?

ANSWER:  I do believe in facial exercise because your face has muscles, and you can tighten and prevent drooping skin. There are many books and videos out there, or you can ask your dermatologist or skin care provider for some recommendations.


QUESTION:  What type of sunscreen is the best to use for every day?

ANSWER:  One for the face with SPF 15. 

QUESTION:  Should you use something stronger if you are at the beach or at the pool?

ANSWER:  Yes, at least SPF 50 if you are going to be out for hours and keep reapplying often.  


QUESTION:  Do you suggest going to a dermatologist for a yearly check-up?

ANSWER: Absolutely !!!

QUESTION:  Do you suggest anything else regarding maintaining a healthy habit for your skin?

ANSWER: Yes, get a professional facial a few times a year, depending on your budget. Estheticians can see all kinds of skin conditions firsthand. And be sure you stick to your skin care routine.

I know this may seem like a lot of information, but I hope this helps you in caring for your skin.  I look forward to your comments.  

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