The Grey In Savannah

Have you ever watched The Chef’s Table on Netflix? If you have, you may have seen the story of Chef Mashama Bailey, where you’ll learn the story of the birth of The Grey in Savannah, Georgia.

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Standing In Front of The Grey in the Former Segregated Greyhound Bus Station

Savannah One of My Favorite Cities

Savannah is one of my stops when I travel to Florida and pass through Georgia. The city has so much to see and amazing places to eat. This time I was traveling with my husband, and we decided to stay in Savannah for a few days. We stayed at the Tryp Hotel by Wyndham, which I will share about in a later post. I have my usual stops, like stopping in at The Paris Market, where I can shop or grab a cup of espresso with a macaron. A few of my other favorite places I like to eat when in Savannah are The Olde Pink House, Sorry Charlies and Paula Deens – Lady and Son’s. But this time, I was on a mission to definitely go to The Grey in Savannah. I made reservations a month ahead because that is the earliest I could do so.

One of Savannah’s Historic Squares

The Grey in Savannah – Behind the Greyhound Walls

The Grey in Savannah is located in the 1938 long-standing Greyhound bus station, which has a rich history in this historic city. When Mashama and Johno Morisano, her partner, took over the old Art Deco former segregated Greyhound bus station, they committed to restoring the old feel. They even kept the early signs that were showing the times of the south’s history of segregation. I love listening to these designers explain their thinking behind the design of The Grey.

In the Back You Can See the Sign of Segregation, ‘Waiting Room’ – Now the Restrooms and Wait Station

Our Walk to Dinner at The Grey Restaurant

After we arrived, we settled in our hotel and walked over to The Grey. I was so excited to go there; I felt like a kid going to Disney for the first time. I did not know this while we were planning our vacation, but we learned on our walk to the restaurant that they had opened a second location, The Grey Market. I told my husband that I wanted to be immersed in everything that Mashama had her hand in; that means, I wanted to go to breakfast the next day to The Grey Market; I was already planning breakfast on our way to dinner! Food is always on my brain when I am traveling. 

The Grey Market
The Grey in the Former Segregated Greyhound Bus Station

Dinner at The Grey Restaurant

When we entered, we noticed there were people at the hostess stand, and to the right of us was their lounge area, where we could grab a cocktail and a bite to eat from a limited menu. However, our wait wasn’t long; they called us…our table was ready!

The Bar at the Front of The Grey

We had a perfect view of the whole restaurant. I sat on the booth side, looking out towards their second bar and the whole dining floor! I told our waiter that I was a travel and food blogger, and he was more than accommodating. He even told us to go explore upstairs where they have exclusive parties and then go downstairs, where they have special events in a more intimate space. 

Our Dinner at The Grey

We started out with appetizers and ate all the way down to dessert. Our waiter told us about the specials for the evening, which we decided to indulge in, like their Shrimp in heritage rice similar to risotto with a tomato-based sauce; it was so delicious! We decided to order multiple dishes so we both could have a chance to explore Mashama’s different flavors. I also decided to try a gin flight, which our waiter said is a ‘must-try.’ This time I am going to tell you what we had beneath all the photos instead of listing them. It was all so delicious! The entire dining experience met and surpassed our expectations. Unfortunately, both Mashama and Johno were on a trip to Texas, so I did not get to meet them this time, but I hope to next time!

Seminole Pumpkin, Sour Corn, Streak of Lean, Sorghum
Tuna Crudo with Asian Pear, Berbere Spice and Lime
Ribeye for Two with Herb Butter and Lemon
Shrimp and Rice Dish in a Tomato-Based Sauce
Flight of Three Gin’s with a Side of Tonic Water and Limes

The Thrill

We ended our meal with a thrill. When I say we finished with a thrill, I mean that literally, because we were served a thrill at the end of our visit. When Mashama grew up in Savannah, she would go to her friends’ house in her neighborhood, and they would give the children a frozen fresh ice pop. Mashama said it was a thrill to eat them in the hot summer days. To learn more, watch Mashama’s journey on The Chef’s Table on Netflix.

A Mini Version of a Watermellon Thrill
Love the Curves and the Grey Leather Benches
A View from the Second Floor
The Second Bar on the Main Floor
Piano Topped with Canned Fruits and Vegetables in the Lower Floor Private Dining Area
Everyone Gets a Bowl Of Boiled Peanuts

The Grey Market

The Grey Market is Johno and Mashama’s smaller bodega type of shop, one you would find in NYC. Grab a seat at the counter bar or at a high top table with bar stools. It also has a few places to grab a chair on the second floor where you can drink a glass of wine or take a bottle or two home with you. You can pick up one of Chef Mashama Baileys’ canned or pickled jars of sweet peppers, beets, peaches, to name a few items. They do have other goods that you would find at a little corner market or bakery, like fresh-baked bread, pastries, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, and more.

Breakfast at the Grey Market

The next morning we headed out and went straight to breakfast. One thing I love about Savannah is staying in the historic downtown area, which I highly recommend because we could walk everywhere. We walked through the squares under moss-covered trees, passed historic buildings with magnificent architectural was all just so pleasant!

What’s for Breakfast?

One thing on the menu that caught my attention was their eggs, cheese, and bacon served on a Kaiser roll, just like you would find at your local corner deli market in New York; I really miss having those. My husband ordered that and another dish; I had their lox and cream cheese with beets on their freshly baked everything bagels. They cure their lox in Gin and Thyme in house. I had the cheesy grits too; hey, we are in the south, you just have to have grits!

Lox Onions, Cream Cheese, Tomatoes, Arugula on an Everything Bagel
Our Breakfast Dishes

I would highly recommend visiting both The Grey Restaurant and The Grey Market in Savannah if you have not been.

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