Vision Board Ideas for Your Dream Vacation

One of my favorite lines is from the 1989 classic movie – Field of Dreams.  It’s when you hear, the voice (many say it’s Ed Harris), “If You Build It, He Will Come.”  The business community has adopted that line, and it implies, if you build it, people will come to your shop or service or whatever, and buy something from you.  This is why I want to share vision board ideas with you.

Our Family When Visiting the Field of Dreams in Iowa

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Say It and It Will Come to Life

I’m sure you have also heard that when you acknowledge or say something out loud or have visions of it, most likely it will come to life.  I AM statements are also used to make things happen. Psychology Today recently published an article which states, “Generally speaking, affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind, to encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves or about the world and our place within it. They are also used to help us create the reality we want—often in terms of making (or attracting) wealth, love, beauty, and happiness.”  So the Vision or Vacation Dream board goes along these lines.

What Happens When You Have a Vision Board

I started making Vision Boards around nine years ago, and they actually work!  Seven years ago I had a board that I made my second one on line and all but one took place and three of those became reality earlier than expected.  Those three were: a remodeled kitchen, a family trip to the Grand Canyon and a family reunion. It was very exciting for my family and me to reach these three goals!  Later on, after exploring them, we decided we could take two off the board: RV traveling and a cabin. But we do travel a lot by automobile and airplane, staying at resorts, inns, and hotels most of the time or with family and friends.

Our Family’s Vision Board from 2010

Now I want to help you make your vacation dreams come true, so let me show you how to make your own dream board and give you some FREE Printables that were designed by Baer Designs Studios for Me and My Traveling Hat, that you can download. You can use them on your vision board or in your photo book!

FIVE FREE Printable Downloads Designed by Baer Designs Studio for Me and My Traveling Hat Subscribers

How to Make a Vision Board Ideas Vacation Dream Board

When you are thinking of making a Vision Board, plan a night with your spouse, family, significant other or friends, and make a night of it.  Call it your Vacation Dream Board Party

Preparing for Your Vacation Dream Board and Planning the Night

Things you will need:

  1. Maps
  2. Magazines
  3. Photos
  4. Glue Sticks
  5. Poster boards and/or blank canvas
  6. Markers 
  7. A flip chart or pad of paper
  8. Stickers – letters and a variety of fun stickers 
  9. Scissors – regular and decorative ones
  10. Snacks
  11. Music list

MAPS: Pick up some maps from AAA for free if you are a member or buy them at a low price either from AAA or online.

Maps You Can Buy or Get For FREE at AAA

MAGAZINES: Have different magazines as well as travel magazines: Travel and Leisure, AAA magazine, Coastal Living, Wine and Travel, Southern Living, a state magazine; if you are a member of a timeshare, they have their own magazine. 

Variety of Magazines

PHOTOS: Use photos of past vacations of your family that you want to visit again, like Disney or Universal perhaps, or a country, state or region you visited and didn’t have enough time and you want to return to see more.  Get inspiration from Pinterest.  

GLUE: Get glue sticks, double-sided tape – removable squares, Command squares, Scotch Squares removable tape.

POSTER BOARDS or BLANK CANVASES: Buy foam core board, poster board, or blank canvases; you can get these at Michaels, AC Moores, online or a local art store; make multiples if you are so inclined.  If you make the vision board on a blank canvas, then each of the children can hang the one they make in their rooms. It’s great for the whole family to have an incentive to save for spending money on vacation.

Vision Board Ideas
Our Vacation Vision Board That is Hung In Our Hallway So We Can Look at with FREE Printables
You can get yours for FREE get them below!

MARKERS: Use permanent markers because they are colorful or any other quality markers.  You can use them to write your destination, the date you want to go on your trip, or other creative ways to decorate your vision board.

Colorful Markers

PAD of PAPER or FLIP CHART PAD: Get a tablet flip board or a pad of paper so that you can write down everyone’s ideas.

STICKERS: Use fun stickers of specific places or things, and get stickable letters to use on your vision board.

Vision Board Ideas
Stickers To Use for Your Vision Board

SCISSORS: Have or buy one or two regular scissors as well as decorative ones if you would like to be more creative for the kids.

SNACKS: Have some of your favorite bite-sized snacks for all those making the vision board(s) to enjoy,   i.e M&M’s, popcorn, fruits, veggies, special beverages to make it festive; you can even use fun glassware or plates!  

Vision Board Ideas
These snacks are more on the sweet and salty side but I would definitely
add some healthy options

MUSIC: Make a song list from Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music, making the list a combination of your favorite music that gets you in the mood for a vacation!  Amazon Music is free when you have Prime. If you don’t have Prime, please consider it because it has many advantages. Here are a few ideas for fun vacation planning music.

Vision Board Ideas Dream Vacation Planning Party

I like making a night of it; whether it’s with my family or friends, it is an exciting and fun thing to do with each other planning a dream vacation!

Send Out The Invites

Get creative by inviting family members or friends with a fun and colorful invitation! If the party is just for your family, put it on the family calendar. Let everyone know that you will be having a family vacation planning party along with making a vision board to dream it into reality!  Have them come with ideas of places they would like to visit, and if they have any favorite photos of places they have already visited, have them bring those photos, too. You can ask them what their favorite snacks are if you don’t already know; but if it’s family, you probably already know. 

Let the Party Begin

Start off with having the favorite snacks, your music playing, and anything you have purchased already laid out. To get everyone excited, be sure they can see everything when they come in the room, and you may even have some items on, like Hawaii Lei’s, camping gear, beach hats or sunglasses, anything to make it festive!  You can have the maps and magazines out so everyone can look at them to get some inspiration.

Decorate your table of snacks by using the maps as your table cloth; make sure to put the snacks in colorful bowls!

Have a flip chart or a big pad of paper ready to write; ask each person what their idea/ideas are for vacation and start writing them down. Use colorful markers to write down everyone’s list of ideas. 

Let each person pick out the top place they want to visit after you make a list of places.

Be sure each family member or person gets to pick a destination they want to visit. 

Let’s Start Making Your Vision Board

Next, let everyone go through the magazines, stickers, and photos and gather what they want on their vision board or on their portion of the vision board. This sheet can be used later in a photo-book. 

Now, they can start cutting out pictures, using regular or decorative scissors.

Have available the poster board or foam core boards that are tri-fold or decorative sheets; you can get these from the photo-book section of your craft store ready to be used.

Vision Board Made on Poster Board Mainly Made with Magazines and Printable Downloads

Everyone Can Decorate Their Board Anyway They Would Like To!

Start decorating with the stickers on colorful paper, such as construction or other decorative paper; they can use large sticker letters that can stick or glue to the board or someone who is a good drawer can just draw them on the poster board using colorful markers.

Download Your Five FREE Pages of Stickers

Use the printable designs for your vision board ideas vacation dream board that you can download. Here are  FIVE FREE pages that were designed exclusively for Me and My Traveling Hat by Baer Studio Designs, a gift from me to you!   I recommend printing them out on Avery Printable Sticker Paper and then cut them out to put on your board.

Vision Board Ideas
Do Not Forget to Download These FREE FIVE PAGES OF FREE Downloads Right BELOW

Add dates on your vision board of when you would like to take your vacation so that you can plan for it!

Put A Date On It

Put the date you made your vision board on it somewhere in order to see how long it takes to realize your dream.  Be sure to hang or put your Vision Board Ideas where everyone can see them when they are finished. This way you can start planting it in your mind and thinking it into existence.

Let me know if you have any questions about how to design your own Vision Board Ideas Vacation Dream Board or if you have made them before.
Happy Vacationing! 

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